Saturday, July 29, 2017

Timeshare Solutions

Timeshare Solutions

Timeshares are great solutions for families and couples from all generations to enjoy regular vacations at low prices. When you become a timeshare member, you access resorts in some of the best places around the world. Timeshares might not be for everyone’s taste, but they certainly offer great value solutions for millions of people worldwide.

Points Based Vacation Clubs

Points based vacation clubs are the best timeshare solutions on offer these days. When timeshare first began, it worked on a fixed week basis and then began to offer floating weeks within particular seasons. However, the best timeshare solutions nowadays are those vacation clubs and timeshare memberships that offer you points that can be used flexibly. Points based timeshare solutions means that you are not limited to spending weekly intervals but rather you can stay for shorter or longer periods of time without having to book in 7 night blocks.

Another benefit of points based memberships is that you can take more than one vacation each year in two or more separate destinations. If you have enough points to cover your reservation, you can vacation as many times as you like within any year. Some vacation clubs will allow you to use timeshare points to pay for all inclusive meal plans and other services too.

Fixed Weeks

When timeshare first began as a marketable asset offering timeshare solutions, memberships were divided into weekly intervals and you would buy a number of weeks in a particular type of unit at a resort or condo. The general idea was that you would return during the same time each year. This model was ideal 30 or 40 years ago, when working families would tend to have the same two week vacation time each year and would be able to plan ahead. As times changed and people sought greater flexibility, floating weeks emerged as the next timeshare solution.

Floating Weeks

Floating weeks were the natural progression from Fixed Week timeshares. In this case, you would purchase a week within a particular season block (such as summer, winter or shoulder seasons) and would be able to reserve during this time, providing greater flexibility.

Exchange Companies

As the popularity of timeshares grew, more and more people looked for ways of being able to exchange their properties for other destinations and resorts other than at their chosen timeshare resort. Out of this need emerged international exchange companies such as RCI, the Registry Collection and Interval International. These companies provide timeshare solutions for when you want to visit other countries making use of your timeshare investment.

Cancellation Attorneys

Posing as a source of legitimate timeshare solutions, fraudulent companies pretending to offer timeshare cancellation advice and services began to emerge as the timeshare industry took off. These companies claimed (and still claim) to be able to cancel timeshare contracts, charging high fees. However, unless you are within the rescission period, no amount of fees that you pay to a cancellation company will allow you to lawfully cancel your timeshare with a legitimate timeshare company. Cancellation companies certainly do not offer viable timeshare solutions.

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