Wednesday, February 21, 2018

You’ve Been Scammed! What They Don’t tell you about Villa Group Timeshare

You’ve Been Scammed! What They Don’t tell you about Villa Group Timeshare

You aren’t the first to be scammed, and you won’t be the last! Scammers might be on the wrong side of the law, but they are not stupid. Scam strategies today might seem like something out of the Game of Thrones TV series, but in most cases, no-one is tortured or beheaded, and a funny “half-man” will not run away with your gold (though, we have to remember that scammers come in all shapes and sizes). Joking aside, scammers are becoming more and more savvy. Sometimes you won’t even know that you’ve been scammed before you are so far embroiled in its tapestry that your only escape is to cut your losses. Sound familiar? Here’s what they don’t tell you about Villa Group timeshare and why scams are never what they seem.

How do you know you’ve been scammed?
Most scams will leave somewhat blindsided; you won’t really know what has hit you until it is too late and you have been charged for a service you haven’t used (or even agreed to) or asked for upfront fees. You usually know you’ve been scammed when when money leaves your bank account with nothing to show for it.

What they don’t tell you about Villa Group timeshare
What scammers don’t tell you about Villa Group timeshare is that it is not a scam; it is a genuine vacation club membership offered by one of the first and most reputable timeshare groups in Mexico. Timeshare cancellation scammers and recovery scammers will have you believe that Villa Group timeshare is a scam, playing on people’s misconceptions about the timeshare industry and vacation clubs to promote their bogus services. If you believe what timeshare cancellation scammers tell you about Villa Group timeshare, you would think you’ve been scammed and that you have made the worst mistake of your life when in fact you have invested in a genuine vacation membership.

What do scammers stand to gain?
You may question what scammers have to gain by bad mouthing reputation vacation membership companies like Villa Group timeshare and making you believe you’ve been scammed. That is easy. Timeshare cancellation companies want you to think that you’ve made a terrible mistake so that you pay them large sums of money to “cancel” your timeshare. The reality is that you cannot “cancel” a timeshare after the rescission period has passed. 

Here’s what they should tell you about Villa Group timeshare:
      Villa Group has been around more than 30 years offering timeshare products in Mexico.
      Villa Group Timeshare is not a scam, it is a genuine company
      You can visit 5 distinct destinations to stay at Villa Group timeshare resorts: Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun, Los Cabos, the Islands of Loreto.
      Villa Group is recognized by ARDA - American Resort Development Association, as well as other locally recognized associations such as Adeprotour in Puerto Vallarta and Asudestico in Los Cabo.

Do you still think you’ve been scammed? What else do you want to know about Villa Group timeshare?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Scams and Vacations to Mexico

Scams and Vacations to Mexico

One of the reasons that scams related to vacations to Mexico are common is that the country is such a fabulous place to visit for a romantic getaway or family vacation. Precisely because this country offers amazing vacation opportunities, is what makes it prone to scammers.

Here’s all you need to know about scams and vacations to Mexico and how to protect yourself.

Airport transfer scams

If you have pre-booked your airport transfer, make sure you find the right company upon arrival or you could end up paying twice in this new type of scam in Mexico. Marketers sometimes target tourists that arrive to the busiest airports in Mexico, making you feel as though they were waiting for you, taking you to the transport area outside of the terminal building. You will probably assume this is the airport transfer you have pre-booked.  But double check. Look out for the logo of the company which has your reservation and check that they have your name on their list of reservations BEFORE using the service.

Rental Scams Affecting Vacations to Mexico

Both Innocent and unsuspecting homeowners and people looking to find accommodation for their vacations to Mexico can be affected by rental scams, This scam can work both ways. You can be scammed as an owner looking to rent out your property as well as a renter looking for somewhere to stay on your vacations to Mexico. Be sure to use reputable vacation rental agencies that offer guarantees.

Timeshare scams

Timeshare scams in Mexico have become a dying breed. The Mexican government has done a lot to prevent scams, make buying timeshare in Mexico a safe and attractive opportunity for both visitors to Mexico and Mexican nationals. Nowadays, the main kind of timeshare scams to beware are those of timeshare cancellation companies looking to offer you services they cannot legally perform. Avoid timeshare cancellation companies at all costs.

Credit Card Scams

These kinds of scams can affect you online when you are booking your vacations to Mexico if you use an insecure website to make payment for your flights or accommodation. Likewise, you should be careful when giving you credit card to pay for transactions while on vacations to Mexico. Keep your card in sight at all times. Most establishments in Mexico’s top tourist areas now have wireless terminals to charge credit card payments. If in doubt, make sure you use a credit card not a debit card.

What scams have you encountered when taking vacations? Share the good, the bad and the ugly stories.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Timeshare Doctor - Advice About Garza Blanca Timeshare

Timeshare Doctor - Advice About Garza Blanca Timeshare

We all need a little help from time to time. Sometimes we need advice, sometimes we need a warning. That’s why I created the Timeshare Doctor section of my website. Come to me for the best timeshare advice and you will find out the truth about your timeshare membership before you hand over your money. Today I will be providing advice about Garza Blanca Timeshare.

Your Timeshare Doctor’s Here to Provide the Best Advice

I have been working to support clients against timeshare scams for the past 10 years. I dedicate my time to following up on scams that my clients inform me about as well as research timeshare scams that I find mentioned in timeshare forums. You will be surprised at how many scams mentioned in timeshare forums are indeed scam themselves to promote fraudulent timeshare cancellation services— but more about that later in another article.

Genuine timeshare companies

In addition to researching scams, I also spend time researching genuine timeshare companies to determine which ones are the best deal. I have to admit, from time to time I come across timeshare companies that are out and out scams, but this is very rare these days as governments are hot on the trails of these kinds of scammers. Most timeshare scams can be distinguished easily as they pop up overnight with no history.

Timeshare Doctor’s Advice about Garza Blanca Timeshare

This blog post is dedicated to Garza Blanca timeshare. For information about other timeshare companies, search the sidebar for the timeshare operator you are looking for.

Advantages of Garza Blanca Timeshare

Firstly, if you are here on this site looking to see if Garza Blanca timeshare is a scam, you are in luck. Garza Blanca timeshare is not a scam. This timeshare membership finds itself within the luxury bracket when it comes to vacation ownership. Membership entitles you to access five-star resorts in Mexico as well a eligibility for membership with RCI (at the time of writing this article, you are given free introductory membership when you first purchase for one year).

Garza Blanca timeshare is also a points-based membership, which gives you freedom as to how long you spend at one of the group’s resorts. With points, you don’t have to stay for a whole week (unless you wish to) nor do you have to stay in the same kind of suite each time. On one vacation you can book a small studio for a weekend while another time you can use your points to stay a week with the whole family in a two bedroom apartment style suite. The choice is yours so long as you have enough points to cover your vacation.

Another advantage of Garza Blanca Timeshare is luxury. This really is a high-end vacation ownership product that is leaps and bounds over the traditional timeshare model. In fact, the company does not use the word timeshare to describe itself, it uses the words “residence club,” which is exactly what it is.

Finally, one of my favorite advantages of this membership is that you can evolve with it. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your membership to suit your needs, including an Elite tier of membership that offers even more exclusivity.

Disadvantages of Garza Blanca Timeshare

Disadvantages of Garza Blanca timeshare are few, though the main drawback may be your budget. As I mentioned before, Garza Blanca timeshare is a luxury membership, meaning it is not cheap. Great value for money but not cheap.

Garza Blanca timeshare is a specialist in Mexican vacations, so if you want to travel around the world, you will need to use the services of RCI in order to swap your timeshare time at a Garza Blanca resort around the world.

What is your verdict? Add your advice about Garza Blanca timeshare in the comments box and become a timeshare doctor’s assitant!