Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Impact of the Timeshare on Local Communities

You can say many things about timeshare. Some people love it, others think it is a scam while others are indifferent. Nevertheless, one thing you cannot deny about the timeshare industry is its impact on the local community where timeshare operates. For most communities that are dependant on tourism, the timeshare industry brings significant benefits. You may be surprised to hear that the benefits often go beyond the those offered by traditional forms of tourism such as hotels.

Here are some ways that timeshare can have a positive effect on a community. 

Repeat tourism

One of the greatest benefits of timeshare is that it encourages repeat tourism to the community, which brings about a more stable economy. It is easier to predict the necessities of the destination in terms of infrastructure and services.


Timeshare generates jobs at all levels: sales staff, executives, service staff, architects, construction workers and more.

Tax generation

The influx of people spending money within the local economy helps generate taxes that are plowed back into the local economy. You will find services and infrastructure improve as a result. Tax generation extends to VAT as well as income tax on earnings from those working within the timeshare industry.

Raises profile of the destination

When people purchase a timeshare they feel like they belong and thus are more likely to promote the destination to friends and family. This raises the profile of the destination amongst all kinds of visitors, not only those interested in timeshare.

Extended lengths of stay

In practice, timeshare owners are more likely to stay for longer periods of time.

Higher purchasing power

In order to qualify for a timeshare purchase, owners will need to prove they have a certain level of income. Therefore, the destination benefits from visitors with higher purchasing power, meaning they will spend more on local services, restaurants and other items.

Not in competition with traditional hotels

Hotels tend to serve clients who do not necessarily visit more than once or twice. Therefore, the kinds of people who return to a destination to stay at their timeshare are not necessarily the same kinds of people that hotels will target. Thus, the two industries complement one another rather than compete.

Injection into local community

Timeshares are not traditionally all-inclusive, although some have it as an option. Therefore, visitors are more likely to spend money in local stores and restaurants.

Constant occupancy

Timeshare contributes to a consistent level of occupancy, complementing other branches of the tourism industry, such as restaurants, car rentals, travel agencies and local trade.

There is no denying that timeshare can have a significant positive impact on a community.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Avoid the Villa Group Timeshare

Avoid the Villa Group Timeshare

Have you been warned to stay away from the Villa Group? Perhaps you have been told that this timeshare company is not ethical, or that it is an outright scam… Here is all you need to know if you have been told to avoid the Villa Group timeshare.

Have you need told to avoid the Villa Group timeshare?

If you have, we would be willing to bet that you have found this “information” on a site hosted by those who claim to be able to offer cancellation services. Perhaps you are doing some research before buying a timeshare, or you have recently bought a Villa Group timeshare; in either case you will find all that you need to know right here.

Should you avoid the Villa Group timeshare?

First things first; there is no need for you to avoid the Villa Group as a timeshare provider. On the contrary, the Villa Group is one of the most reputable and well-reviewed companies in Mexico. If you really want to spend your vacations in Mexico on a regular basis, you might consider what the Villa Group has to offer, just as you would any other reputable hospitality chain.

The Villa Group timeshare

The Villa Group is a longstanding and respected hospitality company with more than 30 years experience in this business. A timeshare membership with the Villa Group today is a far cry from the traditional fixed week memberships of old; nowadays, these memberships are wholly flexible, and are designed for people who want to get the very best from their vacations. The official name for the Villa Group’s current timeshare program is “Villa Preferred Access” with a membership named “Club Caribe” available when you purchase timeshare at Villa del Palmar Cancun. Both of these memberships allow for ultimate flexibility by using a points based system which enables members to ensure their vacations are always tailored to their needs and desires.

Where can you stay with a Villa Group timeshare?

When you have a Villa Group timeshare membership you can stay in top locations across Mexico; Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun, Cabo san Lucas, and the islands of Loreto are just some of the destinations open to you.

Who claims you should avoid the Villa Group timeshare? 

If you search online for reviews of the Villa Group timeshare you will certainly find plenty of positive Villa Group timeshare reviews (including some video testimonials) from happy members. Amongst the genuine Villa Group timeshare reviews, you might also find a couple of comments left by people sharing a not-so-great experience, in which case, take a look at the way the Villa Group resolves those issues. Unfortunately, you will also find a number of fraudulent timeshare reviews saying you should avoid the Villa Group timeshare (and other reputable timeshare companies—no timeshare company is safe) that have been strategically placed by cancellation scammers looking to get your time, attention, and (of course) your money.

You can usually tell which reviews are scams by simply copying and pasting the comment to see if it is repeated in various forums and pages.  You will often find that cancellation scammers pretend to be genuine clients, saying the same thing about a variety of timeshare companies in order to promote their cancellation scams. In this case, the Villa Group timeshare is not the only target—all genuine timeshare companies are targeted by cancellation scammers.

How to avoid a timeshare scam?

If you want to avoid a scam at every stage of your timeshare experience you should, first and foremost, buy direct from a reputable dealer with 10 or more years in business, check out current members reviews, and go through the literature on the company’s website. Furthermore you should remember that resale and cancellation scams pose the most significant risk in many cases.

Cancellation scams are the easiest to spot because you cannot actually cancel your timeshare after you pass the rescission (or “cooling off”) period. If someone claims to be able to do this for you, in return for a fee, be very wary and do not wire them money. If you are within the rescission period still, you can cancel without their help so don’t let them fool you either way!

Resale scams are a little harder to spot, but you can put a few safeguards in place when you buy and sell on this market. First and foremost you should never ever pay upfront to an agent who is claiming to be able to sell your timeshare or sell you a timeshare. Double check the legitimacy and status of the membership (make sure there’s no debt on it) before you buy it, and attempt to deal with the seller as directly as possible.

So – what do you think? Should you really avoid the Villa group timeshare?

Monday, November 6, 2017

What happens if I stop paying for my timeshare?

What happens if I stop paying for my timeshare?

This is a common question you will find on various timeshare forums and complaint websites. Sometimes the question is posed by genuine clients looking to see what their options are, but often it is posted by timeshare cancellation scammers as a means of promoting their fake, (and often illegal) services. Here is some unbiased information about what can happen if your stop paying for your timeshare.

What happens if I stop paying for my timeshare?

If you find that you cannot make your repayments on your timeshare or keep up to date with your annual dues, the best thing you can do is inform yourself about what will happen if you forfeit on your timeshare payments. You may face risks to your credit rating and potential legal action.

Contact your timeshare company

Your first option should be to contact your timeshare provider to see if there is any program that will help you make your payments. Oftentimes, people think their only option is to stop paying for their timeshare and face the legal consequences. First speak to your timeshare provider.

The consequences if you stop paying for your timeshare

The consequences you face if you stop paying for your timeshare will vary depending upon your circumstances and how much you have left to pay on your timeshare loan. If you are behind on your maintenance fees, you will probably find that you can quickly get back on track and up-to-date once your finances improve. However, if you can’t make your loan repayments on a timeshare, you could be in for a rough ride and severe damage to your credit score.

Consequences of not paying your timeshare maintenance fees

Each timeshare company has its own policy, but most will assess delinquency fees followed by interest charges on the outstanding balance. These charges may accrue monthly or daily. In order to be able to use your timeshare, you have to be up to date with your payments. Therefore, the first consequence when you stop paying your timeshare maintenance fees is that you can no longer use your timeshare. If you start to pay your fees again after being delinquent, you will usually owe a reinstatement fee, too. Eventually, if you show no signs of paying your dues, your debt will be sold to a collection agency (more on this below).

Consequences of defaulting on your timeshare loan repayments

Defaulting on your timeshare loan repayments can have an even more detrimental effect. Did you know that you can risk foreclosure if you stop paying for your timeshare? It’s true. Just like if you stop paying your home loan or mortgage, if you stop paying for your timeshare, you will risk foreclosure. Also, if you used your credit card to purchase your timeshare, you will still be liable for those repayments. In both cases, if you fail to meet your payment obligations, you may face legal action. For example, timeshare companies can sue owners who stop paying for their timeshares.

Debt collection agencies

In many instances, your timeshare debt will be sold to a collection agency. Unfortunately, debt collection agencies are a great deal less friendly to work with than timeshare companies are--in fact, collection agencies are known for near-constant harassment. Furthermore, your default on payment may be reported to the Internal Revenue Service, which could complicate any future investments you’d like to make.

Your credit rating

Once your debt has been handed over to a collection agency, your credit rating is immediately compromised. If you stop paying for your timeshare, you can be sure that your credit rating will be negatively affected for at least a period of time, even if you are finally able to rectify the the situation and get back on track with your payments. This will make it difficult for you to get loans, financing, or credit in the future.

Beware timeshare cancellation scams

Another consequence of not paying for your timeshare is that you are likely to become vulnerable to timeshare cancellation scams as a means of avoiding a bad credit rating and having to keep up with payments. Unfortunately, unless you are within the cooling-off period directly following the purchase of your timeshare, there is no legal way to cancel your timeshare contract. Unfortunately, companies that market timeshare cancellation services will take your money for a service they cannot legitimately provide.

So, as you can see, there is no happy ending if you stop paying for your timeshare. Just like any big purchase, you have a responsibility to pay. If in doubt, contact your timeshare provider to see what your options are.