Monday, August 20, 2018

Garza Blanca: The Crown Jewel of Puerto Vallarta

Garza Blanca is known as being one of the most luxurious resorts in all of Puerto Vallarta. Located on a private beach in Banderas Bay south of Old Town Vallarta, we are an all-inclusive, upscale, and beautiful resort. TAFER Hotels & Resorts is the powerhouse behind Garza Blanca and we are an award winning vacation property. Interested in learning more about Garza Blanca and hoping to treat yourself to a spectacular getaway to get to know Garza Blanca for yourself? If so, please continue to read below.

Lush, Natural Surroundings

Garza Blanca resort is situated about ten minutes south from downtown Puerto Vallarta in a serene and tranquil location, with easy access to the fun and excitement of Old Town. At Garza Blanca, we offer numerous vacation packages that can be selected including a romantic getaway with your partner or amazing family vacation deals. At Garza Blanca resort, we are surrounded by the luscious, green Sierra Madre Mountains in our backyard, and the Pacific Ocean with its sparkling bluish green waters is directly in front of our beachfront resort. Garza Blanca provides our guests with only the best 5-Star services including all high end, luxury amenities and our guests will absolutely love being pampered among such exquisite scenery.

Spacious, Expansive Luxury Suites

A vacation getaway to Garza Blanca provides our guests with spacious, expansive suites that will be unlike any other suite you have seen before. As far as service and attention to your needs, you can rest assured all your needs will be met as Garza Blanca prides ourselves on providing exemplary customer service. Guests will receive the highest level of services as Garza Blanca is committed to maintaining our excellent reputation. Guests will also enjoy outstanding signature services, which often include a personal butler, premium bar, and only the best, quality amenities.

Garza Blanca Suites provide many outstanding features, which include:

  • A private terrace that has a hammock and Jacuzzi
  • Granite countertops in the modern, fully equipped kitchen
  • Walk-in closets
  • A high-quality premium mini bar that is stocked with beer, soda, juice, bottled water, and a coffee maker
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Pillow menu
  • Room service from 7:00am-11:00pm and a personalized check-in
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi that is temperature controlled
  • Access to a private, white sandy beach
  • Breathtaking ocean views from the Health and Wellness Spa and gym
  • Valet parking
  • Front desk safe deposit box
  • Dry cleaning and laundry services
  • Babysitter services (set arrangements)
  • Weekly live entertainment
  • Medical care on call
  • And so much more…

World Class Amenities

The luxurious suites and world class amenities aren’t all that the Garza Blanca provides to our guests. We also provide gourmet and casual dining options, multiple infinity pools, and numerous resort activities that are available for guests to enjoy on both the water and on land. You and your loved ones are ensured a vacation filled with wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Is a romantic meal something that you are interested in arranging? If your answer is yes, then you should head to the exquisite Blanca Blue Restaurant and Lounge where you and your partner will enjoy elegant, fine dining with authentic Mexican foods with flair. In the mood for a comforting, delicious steak? If so, then you should go to Bocados STK where you can enjoy the best prime cuts, delicious grilled chicken, fresh seafood, and seared fish and so much more. If you find yourself relaxing at the sparkling pool, and you don’t want to leave to eat, the Agua Azul gourmet snack bar is located poolside so you can enjoy a casual meal without having to leave the pool area and its white sandy beach and crystal clear water views down on the Garza Blanca Beach below. 

Professional and Courteous Staff

The Garza Blanca resort employs only the best staff and they are all professional, courteous, highly trained, and focused on making your experience at the Garza Blanca an unforgettable vacation. There is also a world-class spa on the resort grounds so you can relax, detox and eliminate the daily stresses life has accumulated. The cool ocean breezes and the warm, Mexican sun will invigorate and refresh your body, mind, and spirit so you feel renewed and revived.

Ready for a dream vacation getaway to see the amazing Garza Blanca for yourself? If you are, contact Garza Blanca resort and make your reservation today so you can relax, be pampered, and have the best vacation of your life.  You deserve only the best!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Timeshare Stats and Facts

Did you know that a timeshare is also known as a vacation ownership property or a shared vacation? A timeshare is where multiple people are owners of a single vacation property where they each have a financial agreement that allows them to use the vacation property for a set amount of time each year. One of the perks of being a timeshare owner is having the ability to plan vacations ahead of time and paying for accommodation costs. Each year the timeshare owners can use the vacation property for the time that they have selected. Most timeshares have 25-52 owners, which means the timeshare owner can spend one to two weeks at the property each year.

Comfort and Flexibility

Right now, many prospective timeshare purchasers along with genuine timeshare owners are wanting more vacation flexibility and choices as they don’t want to force to take their vacation at one property. They are wanting to have other vacation plan choices along with maintaining the high level of services and comfort that they are used to. Many more timeshare companies are hearing this and they are now adding a timeshare exchange program where their members can stay at other timeshare resorts. A timeshare owner can use the exchange program to stay at other timeshare resorts.

Timeshare Exchange Programs

Occasionally, timeshare members may have to pay an added fee to their timeshare company for the timeshare exchange, but there are timeshare companies that have created a points system where timeshare owners can accrue points, then use the points for different vacation locations, tours, meals, and other activities. There are rules for each timeshare company regarding the points system and some timeshare companies only allow points to be used a certain time of the year, but to know for sure timeshare owners will need to check with their timeshare company.

Timeshare Industry Is Booming

The timeshare industry is a very successful market despite some what some people may consider to be timeshare ownership drawbacks. During the 2007 year, there was over 10 billion dollars spent on timeshare memberships, and then timeshare sales slowed dramatically to 6.3 billion dollars in 2009. However, timeshare membership sales have been increasing each year since 2009, but 2007 remains the best year ever for timeshare membership sales. Timeshare providers are now offering more amenities and services that buyers are interested in, so timeshare purchases are expected to increase in the coming years.

Timeshare Memberships on the Rise

In the USA during the year of 2014, there was 7.9 billion dollars in timeshare sales and nearly 400 timeshare memberships were bought. It makes you wonder how many people purchased their timeshare membership when they visited a timeshare presentation. Usually 15 percent of the individuals that attend a timeshare presentation end up purchasing a timeshare membership. More and more people are interested in purchasing timeshare memberships, and planning ahead to make sure you qualify to become a member is important.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Garza Blanca Friend Referral Program

Have you heard about timeshares at Garza Blanca Residence Club? Garza Blanca Residence Club is offered by Tafer Hotels & Resorts and has offered high quality vacation ownership for over 30 years. The Friends Count Forever referral program is one way you can share your amazing vacation experiences with your friends and earn rewards at the same time. Want to know how it works? Start earning redeemable credits or cash rewards anytime you refer eligible friends or family members.

Garza Blanca vacation ownership  

Garza Blanca Residence Club membership provides the chance for great vacations at many luxurious, beautiful resorts in Mexico that have the AAA Four Diamond Award. Why not join and then refer your friends so they can share in the fun and create wonderful memories, too?  If you recommend a friend or family member to become a member of Garza Blanca’s Residence Club, you earn amazing rewards you can use to make your vacations even better. What are you waiting?

Register Ahead of Time

Are you already a Garza Blanca Residence Club Member? If so, anytime you refer an eligible friend or family member to the Garza Blanca Residence Club, you will receive bonus credits or cash. Invite as many eligible friends as you can and reap the rewards! You can redeem your bonus credits or cash to enjoy even more time at your favorite vacation resort. You can earn rewards by either referring a friend or bringing them along with you on vacation. Plan to bring them with you on vacation? Make sure to register them at least 90 days before their check in date. Prefer to send a friend in your place as your guest? If so, make sure to register them at least 30 days before they check in. Contact information for the referrals is required to get your rewards, and one couple equals one referral for rewards.

Cash or Virtual Vouchers

Garza Blanca Referral Rewards come in the form of both cash or credit vouchers.  Which do you prefer? Write an email to or call the Friends Count toll free line at 1-855-330-7218 and specify which reward type you want to enjoy. You can use your non-refundable, non-transferable Friends Count Rewards Credits to make reservations in any season at Garza Blanca Resort, and they are even valid for prepaid services. Don’t let those rewards expire as all reservations must be made within 12 months from the date they are deposited in your account or they will expire.

Eligibility Requirements

Want to know the eligibility requirements for the referral program? American or Canadian residents that are between 35 and 70 years old are qualified. Married referrals count as one referral for the reward plan, and both individuals must attend the presentation.
Refer your friends to attend a presentation at Garza Blanca Residence Club today. They are sure to enjoy every moment, and an added bonus is the rewards you will receive as well. Time to start planning your next vacation to the Garza Blanca Residence Club!