Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Can I get out of a Villa Group Timeshare with Mexican Timeshare Solutions?

Can I get out of a Villa Group Timeshare with Mexican Timeshare Solutions?

First things first, if you have entered into a Villa Group timeshare, there’s no need to feel hopeless. In fact, it should be reason for celebration. There really is no need to want to get out of a Villa Group timeshare contract. Even if you are having second thoughts about having purchased a Villa Group timeshare, there are many alternatives that will turn your investment into one of the best decisions you have ever made. But remember, if there is one sound piece of advice that you simply must leave this blog with, it is that Mexican Timeshare Solutions is NOT a solution. Avoid rushing headlong into a scam!

Alternatives to trying to get out of Villa Group Timeshare
Firstly, you need to accept that you can not get out of a Villa Group timeshare with or without the help of Mexican Timeshare Solutions, unless you do so before the end of the cooling off period (more on that later). If Mexican Timeshare Solutions agents convince you otherwise, you are in for disappointment.

Timeshare rentals are one way to help you if you suddenly realize that your finances won’t stretch to yearly vacations to Mexico to stay in one of the top vacation destination served by Villa Group such as Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cancun, Los Cabos or Loreto. You could rent out your timeshare weeks. In extreme cases, you might decide to sell your timeshare or transfer it to a friend or family member.

Using your Villa Group timeshare might just be the most obvious choice. Within no time, you might find out that the sales agent was right about how owning a Villa Group timeshare fits perfectly with your vacation goals. Better that, than walking into a cancellation scam.

Cooling off period
The cooling off period is the only time when you can get out of a Villa Group timeshare or any timeshare in Mexico. After this time, you are not entitled to a refund and you are tied by your timeshare contract, which you have signed.

Mexican Timeshare Solutions
Mexican Timeshare Solutions claims that “the most effective way to be relieved of your obligations with the Villa Group timeshare is timeshare cancellation.” Of course, this statement is only true during the cooling off period, during which time, you do not need Mexican Timeshare Solutions to help you get out of a Villa Group timeshare. Any claims that tell you your Villa Group timeshare membership has been cancelled after this time is a lie.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mexican Timeshare Solutions’ False Claims about Villa Group Timeshare

Mexican Timeshare Solutions’ False Claims about Villa Group Timeshare

If you have taken the time to search online for the most common timeshare scams, you will discover that cancellation scams are top of the list. Many timeshare cancellation companies work by trying to discredit legitimate timeshare companies in the hope of attracting people to their “services” that are promoted as “free,” but then they hit people with a large fee. Mexican Timeshare Solutions has published a number of false claims about Villa Group timeshare on its current website. This article intends to look at some of those false claims to ascertain if Villa Group timeshare is a scam or if Mexican Timeshare Solutions is a scam.

Here are some of the claims made by Mexican Timeshare Solutions:

False Claim No.1: Villa Group Timeshare hires aggressive salespeople. 

Recently, Mexican Timeshare Solutions mentioned in one of its articles that Villa Group timeshare only hires tricky, aggressive salespeople. According to Villa Group’s recruiting website, aggressiveness is not a quality this company is looking for in its sales team. In fact, it seeks qualities such as honesty, drive, vision and a desire to work with people. Villa Group claims that there is no need for hardsell as the products sell themselves, so Villa Group cracks down on aggressive salespeople using rude sales tactics. All of this refutes Mexican Timeshare Solutions’ claim that the salespeople at Villa Group “use hardcore and rude sales tactics almost forcing you to purchase.”

False Claim No.2: Villa group has a “reputation for the lies, scams.”

Villa Group timeshare is an honest timeshare developer, contrary to what Mexican Timeshare Solutions may want you to believe. The Villa Group timeshare division has been running for more than 30 years in Mexico and is fully affiliated with American Resort Development Association (ARDA). All of their timeshare products are genuine. Villa Group is most certainly not a scam!

False Claim No.3: “Customer service is awful.”

Thousands of happy Villa Group timeshare members must be wrong. Customer service is one of the highlights in reviews on TripAdvisor. Look up any of the Villa del Palmar resorts and you will see positive comments about customer service.

False Claim No. 4: “Universal Vacation Club International (UVCI) is a scam.”

Universal Vacation Club International (UVCI) is the timeshare company that administers the accommodations and benefits of Villa Group’s timeshare memberships. This means that the UVCI will deal directly, one on one, with the Villa Group Timeshare members when it comes to providing services and information on how the timeshare membership works. You should not believe the false accusations that Mexican Timeshare Solutions states about UVCI. This company is fully registered and has been operating for more than 30 years.

True Claim: “The Villa Group Timeshare is known worldwide for having the best, beautiful, and luxurious resorts in Mexico.”

These luxurious resorts are located in the popular beach locations in Cabo San Lucas, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun, Loreto, and Puerto Vallarta. Resorts include:

• Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas
• Villa del Arco Cabo San Lucas
• Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit
• Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta
• Villa del Palmar Flamingos
• Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto
• Villa La Estancia Cabo San Lucas
• Villa del Palmar Cancun

Villa Group timeshare members can choose to stay in studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom suites, as well as luxurious penthouses, depending on how many timeshare points they have purchased via Villa Preferred Access.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Benefits of Villa del Palmar Timeshare Membership

Benefits of Villa del Palmar Timeshare Membership

There are many benefits to owning Villa del Palmar timeshare membership. Within a short time after buying a Villa del Palmar timeshare, you will enjoy so many privileges that it will become clear that you made the right choice when you signed your contract. Read below about the top benefits of Villa del Palmar timeshare membership.

The Best Vacations in the Best Places

Once you become a Villa del Palmar timeshare member, you will have the privilege of enjoying the best vacations in the best locations for the rest of your life. Villa del Palmar timeshare provides you with access to resorts located in the most popular beach destinations in Mexico.

Seven Properties for Your Pleasure

Consider having the ability to travel and stay in the top resort locations in Mexico with access to seven properties. Villa del Palmar timeshare Resort destinations include Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Loreto, Riviera Nayarit, and Puerto Vallarta.

Value for money

When you choose to join the Villa del Palmar timeshare family, you will have paid for a lifetime of vacations in advance, at today’s prices. You can’t beat such a great deal, and in a short period of time you will realize that your membership is well worth it.

Flexibility with Club Points

Flexibility is a key feature of your Villa del Palmar timeshare, as it is based on club points that you can use anytime you want. If you want to stay for a couple of nights or longer, then you can do that as long as you have the points to cover your stay at a particular resort for the season your choose. Using points means that you do not have to spend a whole week in one destination, as was traditionally the case with timeshare. You can split your time between multiple resorts and types of units. You might stay in a smaller unit for a longer period of time or a bigger unit for a shorter period and so on.

Bank and Borrow Club Points

If you don’t use your Club Points, then don’t worry, because the points can be banked for five years (one year for biennial members). To bank club points, you should do so before the cutoff date each year at the end of October. You even have the option of borrowing from your Club Points for up to five years ahead of time (one year for biennial members).

Member’s Preferred Points

Preferred Points are a gift you enjoy as a Villa del Palmar timeshare member each summer These points give members the option to use them during the summer months (18-43 weeks) from May to October. The number of Preferred Points you get generally equal to fourteen days or two full weeks. You don’t have to use these points, they are optional. If you do decide to use them, you pay for the pro-rata maintenance fees.

Adding Extra Days to Stays 

It is very easy for Villa del Palmar timeshare members to add extra days to their stays at all of the Villa del Palmar resorts as long as the resorts have availability. Prorated Maintenance Fees can be paid by members to add extra days to their stay.

Top Exchange Networks

Villa del Palmar timeshare is valid for use through Interval International. This means that you can enjoy benefits at one of the top exchange networks for vacations all the world. To do this you can exchange any weeks that you have reserved for accommodations anywhere in the world.

Special Check-in

Villa del Palmar timeshare members enjoy a special check-in desk, so when members arrive at the resort they feel special. The special check-in allows you to check in any day or night and avoid all crowds, which will save you time and money by flying during the midweek.

Booking Window of Two Years

Reservation requests and booking can occur up to two years in advance. Villa del Palmar timeshare Members can submit their reservations in advance to secure their dates.

 Points Redemption

Fifty percent of costs can be paid on various services and extras by redeeming your Club Points. Services at the Villa del Palmar timeshare resort, such as spa services, meal plans, flowers, and other services can be paid for (up to 50%) with your timeshare points.

Discounts for Villa del Palmar timeshare Members

A Discount Card that is given to Villa del Palmar timeshare members when they arrive to their home resort. You can use the discount card to save money at restaurants, stores, bars, golf courses, and other establishments. The travel agency on site will provide members with preferential rates too.

Rewards For Referring Friends

Refer a friend using the “Friends Count Program” and you will enjoy rewards at a Villa del Palmar timeshare member. When your friend attends a presentation, you will enjoy rewards, and if they purchase a timeshare, you will enjoy even more rewards.