Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mexico Timeshare Hints

There is an abundance of great Mexico timeshare units available for purchase right now. Many foreigners, especially from the United States and Canada, are realizing the value in purchasing a Mexico timeshare to enjoy with their family now and in the future. Are you finding yourself chained to your work, and not making enough time for yourself and your loved ones? Don’t make that mistake. You are worth it! Read below to see some hints on things to consider about purchasing a Mexico timeshare.  

Timeshare Vacations: Comfort and Consistency

To begin, first take a look at your most recent vacations in past year when you are thinking about a Mexico timeshare purchase. Do you frequently travel to the same location because you enjoy the familiarity and comfort of a home away from home? Or are you more likely to want to experience new sights each trip? If you are all about variety, maybe a Mexico timeshare is not right for you. However, if you want the comfort of a second home in your Mexico timeshare, and enjoy the fabulous amenities and service that comes with ownership at a Mexico timeshare resort, many Mexico timeshare companies offer exchange programs within their timeshare group. By doing this, you get the flexibility to see new places, while still planning ahead for your vacation time and having a consistent level of value and service that you can depend upon. 

Visit Timeshare Unit In Person

A huge pointer is to make sure you see the Mexico timeshare unit for sale in person for yourself. Definitely request to inspect the particular Mexico timeshare unit for sale prior to signing any paperwork, or giving a down payment.  This will ensure you won’t have any disappointments or unpleasant surprises down the road by not seeing the unit for yourself before purchasing. You want to make sure it meets your standards so you will enjoy all your vacations and be happy with your Mexico timeshare purchase.

Analyze Your Budget

Another hint to make sure you have a successful Mexico timeshare purchase is to analyze your budget. Do you have money in savings that will be sufficient for the down payment required? Many banks do not lend money for timeshare investments at all. The banks that do lend money often charge sky high interest rates so you will end up spending more than planned. Mexico timeshare providers often can try to arrange in house financing for you, but again it will be at high interest rates. If you can avoid paying the added fees that interest rates will incur, it will make a Mexico timeshare purchase a smarter financial move.

Timeshare Grace Period - Check the Timeshare Contract

Have you heard of a grace period? A grace period from a Mexico timeshare is a set amount of time where you can change your mind and cancel even after signing the contract. If a Mexico timeshare offers a grace period, it is a good indication they have confidence in their product which means it is most likely you will be pleased with your Mexico timeshare investment.  Is your Mexico timeshare part of an owner’s club or association? It is set up similarly to a HOA board at a condo and offers Mexico timeshare owners a collective voice on any issues related to your Mexico timeshare which is a great thing.

We hope these Mexico timeshare hints help you in your search for a Mexico timeshare. See you at the beach!

Friday, June 22, 2018

2018 Timeshare Resale: Buy or Avoid?

Would you like to have fantastic vacations for you and your family? You can enjoy memorable vacations for you and your family at popular destinations and top resorts, and you can prepay for these vacations at a low, affordable fixed rate so your finances are not affected significantly at one time by purchasing a timeshare.

Timeshare definition

What is a timeshare? A timeshare is a property that is shared and owned by multiple owners. A timeshare is also known as a vacation ownership because you will be planning ahead for many, many wonderful vacations. There are many excellent benefits to being a timeshare owner, but the number one benefit is that all budgets and incomes can afford and plan for annual vacations at luxurious resorts properties and their finances are not excessively burdened. There is no hands on maintenance required for your timeshare vacation property when you are a timeshare owner, which is another added benefit as all of the maintenance will be handled for you. You and your family can go straight to enjoying yourselves, and creating lasting vacation memories without having to ruin your valuable vacation time fixing and making repairs to the vacation property.

Timeshare Ownership versus Real Estate Ownership

Has someone mentioned timeshares to you and you began researching all you can to find out more about timeshares? Is a timeshare ownership a wise investment or should you invest in real estate property? We can help you with some valuable information to help you decide between investing in a timeshare ownership or a traditional real estate property. One of the main differences between a timeshare ownership and a traditional real estate property is that a timeshare ownership is shared and owned by multiple people and a traditional real estate property has one single owner. A timeshare will have multiple owners that will share the timeshare property and each of the owners will have an equal financial interest in the timeshare property. Each of the timeshare owners will each spend their individual vacation weeks or weeks each year.

Upkeep Costs Vary
A traditional real estate property owner has 100% access to the property at any time they choose. The owner doesn’t share the property with any other owners. Another major difference between a traditional real estate property and a timeshare ownership are the maintenance costs. If you are a timeshare owner, then all of the maintenance costs for the timeshare property will be divided equally between all of the timeshare owners. The maintenance fees for the timeshare property owners can range in price depending upon the property. They will usually start around $20 and can go up to $50 a month. These are small monthly payments for the maintenance fees that will cover the repairs, maintenance, and upkeep on the timeshare property and the units along with keeping the landscaping, amenities and grounds in good condition. Timeshare owners do not have to do any of the work themselves as it will be done for them. A traditional real estate property owner will have to pay for all the maintenance costs themselves and the owner will have to hire the work done or do it themselves, which will cut into any vacation time that you could be spending with your family.

Timeshare Resales: Buy or Avoid?

While you were researching timeshares did you come across timeshare resales? What is the difference between a traditional timeshare ownership and a timeshare resale? A traditional timeshare ownership is almost exactly the same as a timeshare resale. The difference between a traditional timeshare ownership and a timeshare resale is a timeshare resale is the timeshare property is being sold by the current owner to a new owner. The timeshare resale is not sold directly from the resort. A timeshare resale is often sold to the new owner at a discounted price, which is absolutely great for individuals that is on a tight budget. A timeshare resale is an affordable option for individuals wanting great vacations at the top resorts, too.

Timeshare Resale Scams: Beware!

Why is a timeshare resale sold at a discounted price? The discounted price is because there will be no marketing fees or sales incentive costs added to the price with a timeshare resale as they are with a traditional timeshare. Timeshare resales are sold at a discount of twenty percent all the way up to fifty percent less than the traditional timeshare that was sold directly from the timeshare resort. Timeshare resales will be sold at the current fair market value of the timeshare property, but without all the extra costs added to the bill. However, you must be wary about purchasing a timeshare resale as scams are very common with this type of purchase.

Timeshare Resale Scams [2018]

In 2018, the majority of timeshare scams are actually the direct result of a fraudulent third party fraudulent company that poses as a legitimate timeshare resale provider. They operate by scamming victims into paying an upfront fee or processing fee to start the process. Once the innocent victim has paid this fee, the timeshare resale scam company will lose all contact. Most timeshare resale scammers are complete fraudsters that do not even have a genuine timeshare resale product that they can legally sell. In order to avoid being scammed, protect yourself by only buying a traditional timeshare through a reputable timeshare provider. Always buy directly from the resort so you can securely invest your hard earned money.  Plan ahead for memorable vacations for your family with a traditional timeshare ownership investment.

Should You Use a Title Company with a Timeshare Purchase?

If you are wanting to purchase a traditional timeshare or a timeshare resale, then you should use a title company that is bonded and licensed to take care of the timeshare purchase and the paperwork that comes with a timeshare purchase. A professional title company will be there to walk you through all of the steps that occur when purchasing a timeshare purchase, and the title company will make sure the deed is professionally prepared, the funds are placed into escrow, the timeshare estoppel certificate is legit, and all the closing statements have been conducted. The title company will only you charge you one fee for all of these services listed above. Once the title company has conducted their services, the title company will then take the paperwork to a licensed attorney. The licensed attorney will review all of the paperwork and the title of the timeshare to make sure the sale is documented and legal. It is worth the cost to use a professional title company to ensure that your timeshare purchase will be legal.
After reading all the information above, have you decided to purchase a traditional timeshare? Take control of your vacation future right now and purchase a traditional timeshare today

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Is Villa del Palmar a scam?

Villa del Palmar is part of the award winning Villa Group Resorts, a luxury resort brand that includes not only Villa del Palmar, but also Villa del Arco, Villa del Mar and Villa La Estancia. Villa Group has locations in the best tourist destinations in Mexico including Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, and the Islands of Loréto. Villa del Palmar timeshares provide quality amenities and services that include multiple pools, tennis courts, restaurants, bars, spas and gyms.  Villa del Palmar timeshare units are available in sizes from studio villas to one and two bedroom villas all the way up to expansive, luxurious penthouse suites. Continue reading below to learn about timeshare ownership with the reputable Villa del Palmar and Villa Group properties.

Legitimate Timeshare Investment

The ARDA (American Resort Development Association) recognizes Villa del Palmar resort as a reputable and trustworthy timeshare provider in Mexico. The Villa Group and Villa del Palmar have earned this excellent reputation because they have consistently provided outstanding customer service and deliver on their promises. If you’d like to learn more about the specifics of a Villa del Palmar timeshare vacation ownership, you can begin by attending  a 90 minute timeshare presentation on site at one of the Villa Group properties. Once the timeshare presentation concludes, you will be able to tour the property and have plenty of time to ask any and all questions that you may have. Their highly trained staff members are there to assist you as needed. The timeshare presentation is informative and a way to truthfully educate potential timeshare owners timeshare ownership with Villa del Palmar. However, If for any reason you ever feel that a timeshare plan was intentionally misconstrued, take comfort in knowing that this is not acceptable and you should immediately contact a Villa del Palmar senior staff associate who can properly and promptly resolve any concerns.

Timeshare Membership at Villa del Palmar

Once you decide you want to become a Villa del Palmar timeshare member, the first step is to review and sign the timeshare contract. It is always recommended that any contracts are carefully reviewed, and you may want to enlist the help of a lawyer for added support during the process. As with any financial contract or document, remember that everything must be in writing for it to be legally binding.  Rest assured that Villa del Palmar timeshare ownership is not a scam and you can feel confident that your timeshare investment is a genuine vacation ownership opportunity. Historically speaking, Villa del Palmar has only ever had a few timeshare complaints. The majority of Villa del Palmar timeshare owners and customers are extremely satisfied and content with their vacation investment.

Customer Service Is Key

At Villa del Palmar, their goal is to respect and serve their beloved timeshare members and and they prioritize excellent customer service at every level. From their friendly and courteous staff members that are on site twenty-four hours a day, to their telephone support staff members that are only a quick call away, Villa del Palmar is ready to quickly respond to any timeshare questions or issues that may arise. Villa del Palmar is known for efficiently serving their owners by providing professional and courteous service.

To conclude, The Villa Group and Villa del Palmar timeshare resorts are proud to offer an excellent vacation investment that is ideal for creating lasting vacation moments that you and your family will cherish for years to come.  Ready to make time for yourself and invest with Villa del Palmar timeshares? First, you need to sign up to attend a Villa del Palmar timeshare presentation to learn the details on how a timeshare membership will perfectly fit into your financial goals and long term vacation plans.

Make your vacation goals a top priority and start planning your next vacation in beautiful Mexico today!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Are Mexico Timeshare Resales Safe?

Are Mexico Timeshare Resales Safe?

Curious about Mexico timeshares and want more information to see if it is something you should consider as an investment property?  Mexico timeshares are shared ownership property so you can prepay for vacation accommodation at a low, fixed rate. Mexico timeshares are sometimes also called vacation ownership, and a top benefit to timeshare ownership is that families with different budgets or income levels have a chance to plan ahead to enjoy annual vacations at luxury resort properties, without excessive financial stress. Another notable benefit to timeshare ownership is the ability to enjoy your property without having to maintain and upkeep the property yourself. Mexico timeshare properties are maintained for you for a small monthly fee, so you can relax and enjoy time with your family creating lasting vacation memories.

Real estate vs Timeshares: How do they differ?

Have you been researching timeshares in Mexico and wonder if it makes more sense to invest in a Mexico timeshare or purchase private real estate property on your own? One of the biggest differences between owning traditional real estate as opposed to timeshare ownership is that timeshares are shared by many individual owners as opposed to one, single owner. The multiple owners have shared and equal financial interest in the property, and are allowed a set time each year to enjoy the property for their vacations. On the contrary, with traditional real estate you are the only property owner and responsible for any and all issues relating to the home. Another big difference to recognize between traditional real estate and Mexico timeshares is the shared maintenance costs. When you own a Mexico timeshare, maintenance costs are split equally among all the timeshare owners so that repairs and upkeep are more affordable when compared to owning individual property.  Maintenance fees keep your Mexico timeshare unit and the property grounds, landscaping and amenities in good, working condition so you can enjoy the property without having to worry about wear and tear on your home. Maintenance fees for Mexico timeshares cost an average of $20 to $50 a month. 

Mexico Timeshare or Timeshare Resale?

Now that you know more about Mexico timeshares, have you heard about Mexico timeshare resales and want to learn even know? A Mexico timeshare resale is a timeshare that is resold to a new owner by the current owner, instead of being sold directly from the resort. Mexico timeshare resales are available at discounted prices which makes it even more economical than a standard shared ownership investment built from a resort. The only reason the Mexico timeshare resales are discounted is that no added marketing or sales incentive fees are built into the sales price, which is what happens when Mexico timeshares are sold directly from the resort. Mexico timeshare resales usually cost about 20% to 50% less than similar Mexico timeshares are the same resort. Mexico timeshare resales sell at the fair market value of the property. Are you thinking about how you can purchase a Mexico timeshare resale? Definitely due your research now as there is a large inventory of Mexico timeshare options that are currently for sale by owner, as well as traditional Mexico timeshares offered by luxury resorts. A Mexico timeshare or Mexico timeshare resale is a smart investment that will save you money to plan ahead for lifetime vacations.

Use a Mexico Timeshare Title Company

If you are able to invest in a Mexico timeshare or timeshare resale, it is always best to hire a licensed and bonded timeshare title company to oversee the Mexico timeshare purchase process. Title companies handle the Mexico timeshare purchase and will guide you through each step of the purchase process. They will manage all the paperwork including the deed preparation, escrow of funds, timeshare estoppel certificate, closing statements and recording fees all for one fee. A licensed attorney will review the title work at closing and ensure all documentation is in order.

If you are ready to purchase a Mexico timeshare or a Mexico timeshare resale, make sure you start your search soon. There is a great resource of information available online regarding all Mexico timeshare related information, and you can access a large inventory of Mexico timeshares and Mexico timeshare resales that are ready to purchase now.  Don’t hesitate longer - now time to find your dream home!