Sunday, June 10, 2018

Are Mexico Timeshare Resales Safe?

Are Mexico Timeshare Resales Safe?

Curious about Mexico timeshares and want more information to see if it is something you should consider as an investment property?  Mexico timeshares are shared ownership property so you can prepay for vacation accommodation at a low, fixed rate. Mexico timeshares are sometimes also called vacation ownership, and a top benefit to timeshare ownership is that families with different budgets or income levels have a chance to plan ahead to enjoy annual vacations at luxury resort properties, without excessive financial stress. Another notable benefit to timeshare ownership is the ability to enjoy your property without having to maintain and upkeep the property yourself. Mexico timeshare properties are maintained for you for a small monthly fee, so you can relax and enjoy time with your family creating lasting vacation memories.

Real estate vs Timeshares: How do they differ?

Have you been researching timeshares in Mexico and wonder if it makes more sense to invest in a Mexico timeshare or purchase private real estate property on your own? One of the biggest differences between owning traditional real estate as opposed to timeshare ownership is that timeshares are shared by many individual owners as opposed to one, single owner. The multiple owners have shared and equal financial interest in the property, and are allowed a set time each year to enjoy the property for their vacations. On the contrary, with traditional real estate you are the only property owner and responsible for any and all issues relating to the home. Another big difference to recognize between traditional real estate and Mexico timeshares is the shared maintenance costs. When you own a Mexico timeshare, maintenance costs are split equally among all the timeshare owners so that repairs and upkeep are more affordable when compared to owning individual property.  Maintenance fees keep your Mexico timeshare unit and the property grounds, landscaping and amenities in good, working condition so you can enjoy the property without having to worry about wear and tear on your home. Maintenance fees for Mexico timeshares cost an average of $20 to $50 a month. 

Mexico Timeshare or Timeshare Resale?

Now that you know more about Mexico timeshares, have you heard about Mexico timeshare resales and want to learn even know? A Mexico timeshare resale is a timeshare that is resold to a new owner by the current owner, instead of being sold directly from the resort. Mexico timeshare resales are available at discounted prices which makes it even more economical than a standard shared ownership investment built from a resort. The only reason the Mexico timeshare resales are discounted is that no added marketing or sales incentive fees are built into the sales price, which is what happens when Mexico timeshares are sold directly from the resort. Mexico timeshare resales usually cost about 20% to 50% less than similar Mexico timeshares are the same resort. Mexico timeshare resales sell at the fair market value of the property. Are you thinking about how you can purchase a Mexico timeshare resale? Definitely due your research now as there is a large inventory of Mexico timeshare options that are currently for sale by owner, as well as traditional Mexico timeshares offered by luxury resorts. A Mexico timeshare or Mexico timeshare resale is a smart investment that will save you money to plan ahead for lifetime vacations.

Use a Mexico Timeshare Title Company

If you are able to invest in a Mexico timeshare or timeshare resale, it is always best to hire a licensed and bonded timeshare title company to oversee the Mexico timeshare purchase process. Title companies handle the Mexico timeshare purchase and will guide you through each step of the purchase process. They will manage all the paperwork including the deed preparation, escrow of funds, timeshare estoppel certificate, closing statements and recording fees all for one fee. A licensed attorney will review the title work at closing and ensure all documentation is in order.

If you are ready to purchase a Mexico timeshare or a Mexico timeshare resale, make sure you start your search soon. There is a great resource of information available online regarding all Mexico timeshare related information, and you can access a large inventory of Mexico timeshares and Mexico timeshare resales that are ready to purchase now.  Don’t hesitate longer - now time to find your dream home!

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