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Beware of the Mexican Timeshare Solutions Company

Beware of the Mexican Timeshare Solutions Company

Are you looking for advice about cancelling your Villa Group timeshare? Perhaps you are having second thoughts about your timeshare purchase. If so, beware of using fraudulent timeshare solution companies that offer to cancel your timeshare on your behalf.

Read on for more advice about what to do if you are having second thoughts about your Villa Group timeshare purchase and are looking for Mexican Timeshare Solutions (aka Gonzalez & Gonzalez Timeshare Cancellation or 

Mexican Timeshare solution companies and cancellation

You should be very careful and beware that you do not become involved in a timeshare cancellation scam when looking for solutions to a Villa Group timeshare issue. The first thing you should do if you are thinking about cancelling your Villa Group timeshare membership is to talk honestly and directly with the timeshare company. There are a number of timeshare solution companies that claim to be able to help you cancel your timeshare contract at the Villa Group or other reputable timeshare companies. You are advised to use extreme caution when dealing with such timeshare solution companies.

Beware of the Mexican Timeshare Solutions Company

According to the Mexican Timeshare Solutions website, the cancellation of a timeshare contract at Villa Group timeshare “is a process that requires lots of negotiations with the timeshare developer.” The Mexican Timeshare Solutions company offers to work on your behalf to get rid of your Villa Group timeshare. However, if you have purchased a Villa Group timeshare directly from one of the company’s legitimate salesrooms in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun or Loreto, then your contract is legally binding and no amount of pressure from a timeshare solutions company will be able to break that contract. The problem you face is that your contract cannot be cancelled and you may pay money for a service that is not valid.  Even worse, timeshare cancellation scam companies may tell you that your timeshare is cancelled in order to take your money when actually your timeshare contract is still in effect and if you don't pay your contractual obligations you may suffer collection problems and damage to your credit rating.

Avoid a scam!
So be very careful and bear in mind that if anyone like Mexican Timeshare Solutions claims they can lawfully cancel your timeshare after the initial rescission period, that person is most likely promoting a scam and just trying to take your money.  Don’t be fooled and protect yourself.

What are your options?

Remember, the only time when you may cancel your Villa Group timeshare is during the cooling-off period, during which time you do not need the services of a cancellation company such as Mexican Timeshare Solutions. The best advice for people with cold feet regarding their Villa Group timeshare is to find a way to make the most out of their membership. For example, if financial issues are a worry, just rent out your vacation time until your circumstances change; if you don’t have time to use your timeshare, bank your Club Points for up to 5 years, during which time lots of things can change; in the worst case scenario, sell your timeshare. There are many solutions that will save you from getting involved with a cancellation scam.

What’s the verdict? Beware of companies like Mexican Timeshare Solutions and save yourself from a potential scam by dealing directly with your timeshare provider.

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  1. Scam! No other word for it. This is not the only company that sells lies, so be careful. I think Mexican Timeshare Solutions used to be called something else, because a friend of mine was scammed by them when they were called Gonzalez and Gonzalez.