Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mexican Timeshare Solutions

Mexican Timeshare Solutions

Do you want to cancel your timeshare contract today? First you need to know the differences between the scammers and the genuine companies providing legitimate services. Search on the internet for Mexican timeshare solutions and you will find a host of different services claiming to offer you ways to cancel your timeshare contracts, when the reality if very different. Read on to find out why cancelling your timeshare contract is harder than you might think.

No easy Mexican timeshare solution

There is no easy answer if you want to cancel your timeshare contract. Contrary to what you might be told by any of the leading cancellation companies, the likelihood of you being able to cancel your timeshare lawfully if very slim. Most cases where people have sought a Mexican timeshare solution in the form of cancellation have been met with fraud, damage to credit scores, foreclosure and some have even been threatened with jail.

Why are you searching for Mexican timeshare solutions?

The first question you should ask yourself is why are you searching for Mexican timeshare solutions? Have you been involved in a scam? Did you buy a genuine timeshare but are having second thoughts? The reason why you need help is important here. If you have been involved in a scam, whether that be a cancellation scam, resale scam, timeshare rental scam etc. you should first report it to the authorities in your home town. Likewise, you can make a statement with PROFECO, which is Mexico’s consumer protection agency. However, if you are looking to cancel your timeshare, you are best advised to contact your timeshare company as soon as possible.

Why can’t a timeshare cancellation company help you?

Most timeshare cancellation companies are scams. They will take your money and charge you for services that cannot be delivered. Most people who are using the services of a Mexican timeshare solutions company will never be able to lawfully cancel their timeshare, yet you will be charged high fees for “appearing” to have done so. The reality is, that it cannot be done. The only time you can cancel a timeshare is during the cooling-off period right after you have bought your timeshare. If you cancel during this time, you won’t have to pay anything to anyone! Beware fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies telling you otherwise.

So, what are the best Mexican timeshare solutions? Contact your timeshare company as soon as possible and start finding a way to make your membership work for you.

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