Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Timeshares: Guaranteed Vacations

Have you been wanting to educate yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of timeshares because you have been considering buying your own timeshare in Mexico? Owning a timeshare in Mexico comes with positives and negatives, and anytime you plan on making a major financial purchase, you should always weigh both sides. Would you like to know a few of the pros and cons of being a timeshare owner in Mexico? Continue to read below.

Timeshare in Mexico

There are a few big differences between purchasing a timeshare in Mexico or a standalone vacation home in Mexico. If you only plan on using the property a week to three weeks a year, then a timeshare in Mexico may be the better choice for you. When you purchase a timeshare in Mexico, you will only pay for the actual time that you use the timeshare, but with a standalone vacation home in Mexico you will have to pay for all the maintenance and repairs all year. A timeshare in Mexico has maintenance fees, but each of the timeshare owners will split up the maintenance fees so it’s never a large amount at one time.

Secure Your Vacations Each Year

Mexico timeshares are guaranteed vacations yearly. Each and every year you will have a fabulous vacation destination. Many times people let their work dictate their lives and they don’t take regular vacations like they should. If you purchase a timeshare in Mexico, then you are guaranteed vacations yearly where you and your family will create memories that will last you a lifetime. Some of the timeshare companies in Mexico will allow you to enjoy fantastic stays at other resorts too if your timeshare is connected with a group such as the Villa Group timeshare resorts in Mexico. They have beautiful resorts in the most sought out destinations in Mexico, which include Riviera Nayarit, Loreto, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun.

Timeshare Share with Friends and Family

Will your timeshare be shared with family and friends or with someone you haven’t met? You will need to find out the rules and regulations with the timeshare company to see if you are able to share your Mexico timeshare with your family or friends. You could also raffle your timeshare week off for charity too, but again you need to make sure your timeshare company allows this. If you are unable to use your timeshare for the week that you have, then you could rent that week out and make money, but your timeshare company will have to okay this.

Timeshare Downsides? What to Consider

What are a few of the downsides to buying a timeshare in Mexico? One of the downsides is the annual increase with the maintenance fees. The maintenance fees are generally very affordable, but the amount can increase. These fees will need to be paid whether you use the timeshare or not. If for any reason you decide to sell your timeshare you could lose money with the sale. Used timeshares are sold at a much lower price than what you paid. If you do sell the timeshare and you have lost money, you will be unable to claim any capital loss on your taxes as the IRS prohibits this with timeshares unlike other real estate property losses.

In conclusion, Mexico timeshares equals guaranteed vacations at the best destinations throughout Mexico

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