Friday, December 22, 2017

How to Avoid Timeshare Scams in Mexico

First of all, it is worth repeating here that genuine timeshares are not scams. Secondly, the Mexican federal and state governments have done a lot over the last decade to protect consumers from timeshare scams in Mexico. However, now and again fraudulent timeshare companies try their luck, and so it is important to be aware of the ways you can protect yourself and avoid timeshare scams in Mexico.

How to Avoid timeshare scams in Mexico

It is pretty easy to avoid timeshare scams in Mexico. With some simple tips

Buy timeshare from long standing companies in Mexico

Only purchase timeshares in Mexico from a company with a good track record. New timeshare companies have warning bells all over them.

No news is bad news

Related to the previous point. If you can’t find anything about the timeshare company on the internet (even something negative), be very wary. Companies with no internet history are most probably fly-by-night fraudsters and you could be walking into a scam.

Be wary of expensive gifts

You can avoid timeshare scams in Mexico by judging the gifts you are being offered. If they are expensive with “no strings attached” you need to be careful. Free gifts, discounts and incentives are standard when encouraging tourists to attend timeshare presentations, but over the top promises are likely to end in a scam (or you paying a high price for the “gift”).

Don’t buy from the brochure

You must visit the property yourself. Don’t purchase based on a sales pitch and some photographs. Inspect the resort yourself. Only buy timeshare in Mexico during pre-sale from a highly reputation and well established timeshare company (and only when you are at the developer’s official offices).

Sign the contract in a language you understand

Make sure you sign your timeshare contract in a language you understand. In the case of timeshare in Mexico, most contracts will be in Spanish with English translations. If necessary, ask for an official translation of the timeshare contract. 

Check for complaints

A quick search on the internet for complaints and reviews will tell you a lot about the timeshare in Mexico you are considering. Be sure to read between the lines. You will find timeshare cancellation scammers writing lots of fake negative complaints about leading timeshare companies in Mexico, so be sure to check that comments are made by real people. 

Promises in Writing

One of the main complaints about even the most genuine timeshare in Mexico is when what is promised is not delivered. If your sales agent has promised you something, make sure to get it in writing. If it is not mentioned in your contact, it will not be legally binding.

Do you have any other tips for avoiding timeshare scams in Mexico? Please leave your comments.

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