Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mexican Timeshare Solution Shills

Mexican Timeshare Solution Shills

Internet shills are as common these days as internet trolls. Both cause problems for genuine blogs and websites, but they seem to be here to stay for the foreseeable future. While sites like TripAdvisor are doing all they can to weed out these scammers from their pages, readers should keep in mind that the comments left on web articles are often sprinkled with comments from shills and trolls. One of the most common types of shills are those involved in promoting the services of timeshare cancellation companies.

What are Mexican timeshare solution shills?
Most of us are familiar with internet trolls who leave comments looking for a fight. Trolls will usually write something offensive or provocative to get a response. Often, internet trolls are working for their own sick pleasure, however, shills have a different motive. Shills are paid to leave comments on articles, forums and websites for a particular purpose. Mexican timeshare solution providers are particularly known for using shills to comment on their own websites as well as on a number of timeshare complaint forums.

How do Mexican timeshare solution shills operate?
The way that Mexican timeshare solutions shills operate is to leave damning comments about timeshare companies on a number of websites, including TripAdvisor, complaint forums and any kind of website where people might look for advice about timeshare issues. They will often target the most reputable and popular timeshare companies as they know they will have more chance of reaching more people.

Shills will often work in pairs. The first shill working for a Mexican timeshare solution scam will write a complaint about a vacation club and express displeasure about their membership on the premise that they are looking for timeshare advice. This already has a damaging effect on an otherwise reputable company. Then the comment will be responded to by another shill who will recommend they use XXX timeshare cancellation services in order to cancel membership that (in most cases) can no longer be cancelled.

An example of a timeshare cancellation shill scam:
Shill A
I want to cancel my membership with Big Life Timeshare. What can I do?

Shill B
You should contact Caribe Timeshare Solutions. I had the same problem but they were fantastic. A total godsend. Caribe Timeshare Solutions  were able to cancel my timeshare with no upfront fees. I was desperate, just like you. I am so happy I used their services. Follow this link …

You get the picture. Sometimes the first complaint is from a genuinely unhappy client, and the Mexican timeshare solution company takes advantage of their situation but replying with a shill. The reality is that the timeshare cancellation company cannot cancel your timeshare after the cooling off period has passed, and they are simply out to take your money, using all kinds of methods to convince you that they are genuine, including fake reviews and comments on websites and timeshare forums.

The moral of the story is to beware Mexican timeshare Solution shills. For more information about how to identify is someone is a shill, click here.

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